Coolant Dam Pressure Tester


Using shop air, ingenious and simple, this new time saving tool holds the engine coolant in, even when pipe plugs, sensors, valves etc. are removed for replacement or repair.

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Using shop air, this ingenious, simple, new time-saving tool holds engine coolant inside the engine, with little or no coolant loss, even when pipe plugs, sensors, valves and other components are removed for replacement or repair. First, the Coolant Dam® Pressure Tester creates a vacuum, holding coolant inside the engine. For many minor repairs there is no need to spend valuable shop time draining and refilling the cooling system. The unit quickly converts from vacuum to a pressure tester, up to the maximum pressure limit of the included pressure cap so repairs can be tested without tedious hand pumping or running the engine. The Coolant Dam® Pressure Tester attaches to the coolant filler neck, a standard size adapter is included, and many other adapters are available for specific applications. Air Requirements for Continuous Operation: 30 CFM at 120-150 PSI (.85 Cubic Meters at 8-10 Bar) Don’t Drain the Bock for Simple Repairs: • Changing Heater Hoses • Changing Fan Sensors • Changing Temperature Sensors • Installing Shut-off Valves for Fuel Warmers & Separators • Replacing Cab Heater Cores • Replacing Heater Control Valves • Eliminates Tedious Hand Pumping • Provides Continuous Pressure for Diagnostics • Plus Many Other Uses Kit includes: T-1000 Assembly T-1025 Adapter A-462-2 Extension Hose A-536 Discharge Hose A-483 Hanger Storage Case

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